Friday, January 21, 2011

project call: head to toe

dear friends,

i found this worksheet in the scrap pile at my school. i realise more each day how fluxus'able elementary education can be. do: print this sheet and fill it out. send: back to me by post or email attachment (high-res scan)

before: early march 2011

you will receive: for the near present, PDF booklet of all contributions. this suggests itself as a first part of a larger idea re: identity, absurdism and other friendly buzzwords, upon the realisation of which (at indeterminate time this year), tangible matter will be distributed to all.

i am:

中国 (CHINA)
40号 1604室

2399 N. Guyang Road
Bldg 40, #1604
Songjiang District, Shanghai
PRC (China) 201620

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