Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mail Art from China arrived

The first Mail-Art from China since the start of this blog arrived. Above the Air-Mail stamp they use in China. Below the envelope in which the card was sent. The original postcard was refused by the Chinese Postal Office because it was NO POSTCARD. The size was not confirm the regulation. Putting it in an envelope helped, and it made it safe to Breda, Netherlands. Notice the new China postage stamps. They have nice theme's too. Glad the contact is established. More mail-art from and to China will be no problem now.

Ejva Nsva - Shanghai China

Received mail from Ejva in China, and will scan it soon. Now I have an addres to test: sending out mail-art to Shanghai in China.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogger is banned in China

In the e-mail from Amo Mao I read that Blogger is banned in china. So Chinese Mail-Artists can't make a blog, but also can't read a blog from Blogger. The banning of certain Internet areas is common use in China. That is also why Google has problems there (see previous e-mails.

I am glad though that the IUOMA platform is accesible in China, and we have nog some members from China already. The first mail-art from me arrived in China. Mail-Art from Hong-Kong already arrived here, and maybe a surprise from Shanghai will arrive before the year ends.

So, the project is already quite a succes. Connections are made, and a mail-artists in Shanghai would like to do a mail-art project which I will support and follow though this blog too.

E-mail from Amo Mao - Shanghai - China

i have got ur mailart today (2010.12.16)and that proves mailart can be sent to China, i did a small test here and made a mini group to know if people interested, and find that there are a lot. so my idea of hold a mailart show in Shanghai China can be started. and then i applyed a website for mailart in China, i am very interested in mailart, hope that more and more mailartist will participate in.