Sunday, June 20, 2010

R.F. Côté - Canada

R.F. Côté from Canada received one of the posters of Chinese Mail-Art as well. He cut out the chinese word for Mail-Art and collaged it onto some typical Chinese images. Sure looks cool. Maybe the search engines will pick this up with the words Chinese or China used often enough.

Remember that the goal of this mail-art research project is eventually to have some rel Chinese Mail-Artists sending and receiving mail-art as well. Not sure how long that will take. The chinese economy is booming. So the luxury called 'mail-art' isn't that far away.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Latest results Google in China

This page offers a summary of accessibility to Google services from within mainland China. The status is assessed by geographically diverse servers that are used to monitor connection capability. Note that service status in China has a fluctuating nature. This assessment may not reflect small-scale blocking that frequently occurs or individual experiences with issues such as keyword blocking that may affect access to services temporarily.

This dashboard receives updates at least once a day, generally in the evening Pacific Time. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies both to consumer services and to services for organizations using Google without advanced network configurations.

So it seems certain functions of Google still are operational inside China.

China and Google

Not sure what the status is of Google in China.In the news the story moths ago was that Google withdraw its search engine from China, but I still have to research how the situation is in 'real digital life' inside China. Maybe someone out there has more details on this. Will try to find some good articles on the subject (maybe try the original Google search-engine to find this information...)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Singapore - getting closer

Hi Ruud, I googled the words "Singapore" "mail art" and found this...

Singapore right next to China... Mail from Adamandia Kapsalis.

Nico van Hoorn - Netherlands

Nico van Hoorn (Netherlands) sent me this postcard. He is supporting the search for Chinese mail-Artists by placing the Chinese Word for "Mail-Art on his outgoing post. It is a start to make this accessible for China as well. Where are all those Chinese Mail-Artists? It is the largest country and we don't have any connecyions yet. hat should change. They learn english there too, so that isn't the problem. This project lasts as long as the moment Chinese Mail-Atists are visible in out network.