Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mail-Art project in Shanghai - China.


121.48°E is the first project of MailAttack. 121.48°E resembles the longitude of Shanghai.Is to say this project is taken place at Shanghai,China and we hope that you can fill our mailbox with your mailart! We are looking forward to your participation, and hope you can really enjoy the happiness of creating your mailart.

Any “Unhealthy” works will not be considered into this event. There’s no jury, no expense, and your works will not be returned.

the Mail Address: Room102, Building72,lane#151,West Guilin Street, Xuhui District, ShangHai,China. Zipcode: 200233 中国,上海 徐汇区桂林西街151弄72号102室 邮编:200233

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