Thursday, January 6, 2011

News - "Not" Chinese Mail-Artists

The latest news is quite strange. On the IUOMA-platform there are two mail-artists active who claim to come from Shanghai, China. They both have websites that I reserached and are hosted and paid for inside the USA. So I suspect these artists are USA-based (or maybe the same person?) and play the role of Chinese Mail-Artist. I will research this more and confronted both members of the IUOMA that I discovered their websites are based in the USA.

On Internet anybody can take the identity they choose. Only proper research shows the basis of the work. An example. On you can check on whose name a website is hosted. Searching on enja:nsva's website called: I discover that it is based in Georgia, USA, with address and phonenumber of the artists building the website. Judging the texts on the website, it must be an american artist.

More mail-artists received mail-art from china. So somehow this american can go to china, or mail to china and get things to us that way.

So we are warned that mail-art in china isn't that easy. There are a lot of artists in china for sure. But I now need more proof for believing someone actually comes from China.

Latest details: Ejva replies and explains she is an american artist working for some time in china as a teacher. She is exploring the mail-system from inside China and testing how mail-art can go and travel from China. So Inside China we have now someone making contacts with chinese artists as well, sharing them the knoledge of what Mail-Art can be. A first mail-art project in China (Shanghai) is started now and we will see what that brings....

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