Monday, January 17, 2011

Mail and photos from Horst Baur - China

it's done: the mail art exhibition FAKE OR ORIGINAL takes place
at the bookstore "the times of XMU" at the Xiamen University.
the opening was on 2011 january 6th and will continue till
february 3rd (chinese new year).
maybe it's the first one in China.
the exhibition was organized by Ma Wen, a teacher for new media
at the art department of the Xiamen University.
he is on one of the 2 pictures.
the photos are not the best and only show a part of the
exhibition. they were taken by ma wen's assistent.
however it's a documentary of it.

so once more, thanks for your participation.

horst baur, Changsha

p.s.: happy (chinese) new year

p.s.: horst baur /
zhu zhaohui
xin hua lian jia yuan 1 dong 404
chezhuan bei lu no. 319
changsha, hunan
410001 china
(chinese adress see jpg.)

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