Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mail that Test Tower received from Enja-Nsva

Heebee Post #491 - EJVA-NSVA - Sonjaing, Shanghai- China
The Affair has never had a submission from China - this is the first of what I hope to be an interesting exchange with EJVA. This charming Hippo is expressing his delight as he trolls for love in the tumultuous river of desire.

Nice to have you here EJVA. I like the 'Field Study Romance' aspect of your card. You don't have to look too far to find the mojo of the Affair going on everywhere.
EJVA has mentioned in a note, that she is desiring Mail Art from other countries. She writes:
"So I would say, for China, send something radical for fun or experiment, but anything you really want to be sure of, send in a plain envelope. Also, most of the homes are in high-rise apartments, the mailbox slats are small, so I would say it is best to send something less than 5 inches wide, 3 inches tall - to make sure it gets stuffed in the box."
"Do not worry about what you send - unless it is something absurdly anti-Chinese government, there is not a problem as far as I know. There is even some prominent Chinese art which deals with gov't contemporary viewpoints in the gallery - so I don't think mailart will be a problem for anyone. Any trouble, I think, will be the idea of what the Post Office will accept as 'mail'"!

**So, the cryptic label above is a 'copy, print and paste' address for anyone who would like to send her something interesting. We are thrilled to have EJVA on the Affair. Thank you so much for the mail art and we shall be finding our way to you in the mail soon. The mail carriers in Shanghai will be amused by the colorful "Fluxus Affair" postcard I will be sending. See you soon.

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