Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Perfect World - mail-Art project in Taiwan

Hi to you, oh weird crowd of deviants and freaks,

as in your guts burns this insatiable desire to create,

I give you an opportunity to share the fantasies that

your tortured souls struggled to produce. Next year

in a small country called Taiwan, I will organize an exhibition

of art ( painting, photos, collages, mail art, etc...) and I want

here to humbly ask you to participate by sending me the fruit of

your sweat. The topic is " a perfect world" any format is accepted

but, being not the owner of a truck, I beg you, not too big.

As soon as I will start to recieve some masterpieces, I will

scan them or take photos and post them on a Facebook page

( yet to create) with your name, any message you want to appear

and if you want, your address so people can contact you.

artistically yours,


And for you my friends the address of my cave:

project " A perfect world"
Rm2, 4F, No1.
Gongde 1st St. PingTung City,
PingTung County 90067.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

China is big.....

Contacts vanished?

A few years ago the new contacts with China came about, and the last year it seems the contacts vanished again. Difficult to find out what happened. Is it the economy too, that postage became higher? Is it a political change with the stress cause by Norhern Korea, or is there someone else who has a clue? Lots of questions but no answers really. Baybe some research on Facebook is needed if Chinese artists have access to that at all.....