Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogger is banned in China

In the e-mail from Amo Mao I read that Blogger is banned in china. So Chinese Mail-Artists can't make a blog, but also can't read a blog from Blogger. The banning of certain Internet areas is common use in China. That is also why Google has problems there (see previous e-mails.

I am glad though that the IUOMA platform is accesible in China, and we have nog some members from China already. The first mail-art from me arrived in China. Mail-Art from Hong-Kong already arrived here, and maybe a surprise from Shanghai will arrive before the year ends.

So, the project is already quite a succes. Connections are made, and a mail-artists in Shanghai would like to do a mail-art project which I will support and follow though this blog too.

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