Saturday, November 27, 2010

After sending comes receiving.

The first letters to China are sent out. The waiting starts. A postcard from Hong Kong already arrived, but I am especially curious on mail from mainland China. I know I received some mail-art back in the 80-ies from China. It was an American who taught english languale in China and was also a mail-artists. He sent out some wonderful things back then. Have to go through my Archive to find that specific envelope.

Also I know Peter Kuestermann and Angela went to China on the Worldtour and sent me something then. Again, will have to go through the TAM-Archive to find such historic samples.

In this blog the main issue remains. China, being the largest country and therefor with so many artists, has almost no mail-artists active in their main cities. With this project I am trying to change that and make a connection from the mail-art network with China.

So, when someone is reading this, and can help me reach this goal, I am very glad with your suggestions and help.

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